May the Weight be with you..??

May the Weight be with you..??

“Just one more hug”, “I can’t sleep”, “Can you lay with Me?” … Sound familiar?

Your little one may be stalling the bedtime routine or really needing that hug or snuggle to calm them before sleep. How do you know if it is a stall tactic or a need?

First, you have to trust your instincts. Second, if your little one likes pajamas a bit tight, loves to be curled up in the blankets or falls asleep with a hug you have a little one that loves the deep pressure.

Welcome to the club!!

If your little person loves deep pressure then a weighted blanket may be a great investment for you.

I have to say that a weighted blanket was a game changer for our son. He had a number of worries that would come out at night. He would often request extra snuggles. I started to really consider our options.

Now there are many cost-effective products available so I felt we had nothing to lose! (a few years back a weighted blanket would set you back $300 plus).

Before you go out and buy a weighted blanket, try using a heavier blanket on your child’s bed. Not all children will like the feeling of the weight. Also it is best to purchase a blanket that is no more than 10 to 15% of your child’s weight.

If your child likes to cover their head with a blanket then please refrain from using a weighted blanket.

If you are unsure it is the proper route for your child you can speak with your doctor or an Occupational Therapist for more information. 

If you are unsure if a weighted blanket would work then looking at a compression sheet or clothing is another option to look at.