Strangers: Keeping Our Little Ones Safe from Unsafe People

Strangers: Keeping Our Little Ones Safe from Unsafe People

It is hard not to worry and focus a great deal on keeping our kids safe. The best thing we can do is prepare them with the tools of how to identify that someone can put them in danger. It is topics like this that really makes me want to go back to the days where I was able to play for hours outside!


So how do you help your child identify someone that may not be safe?


1. Tricky People

The first step is to teach your child about Tricky People.

Teach your child that safe adults will not offer you something to get you to their vehicle or get a child to help them. Only Tricky people will try to get you to go with them.


2. What is a stranger?

Teach your child that someone that they do not know is a stranger. If they just met them they are still a stranger. This is a hard concept for children to understand.


3. Introduce a code word.

A code word is a word or sentence that only you and your child knows. Then if you have to send someone to pick them up at school they will state the keyword when picking up your child. If the child does not hear the proper word then they can refuse to go with the person.


4. Trust their “tummy”

Talk to your child about the fact that if it does not feel right it is okay to say no and refuse to go with anyone. Children have a good sense of danger and it is ago to give them permission to trust their instincts.

5. Give them permission

If your child is a rule follower then your child may not want to talk back or be rude to an adult. It is important to let your child know that it is okay to scream at the adult or refuse to go with them. 


Now that you have talked to your child about this it is really important that you try not to over focus on it. Instead, when you are in a new situation or your spidy sense is going wild, remind your child how to identify tricky people.

If you have questions please feel free to send me a message.