Early Morning Hack!! Rouse to Sleep

Early Morning Hack!! Rouse to Sleep

Early mornings are not fun! In my personal opinion, waking up before 7 am is not fun (Just ask my husband as he has to get up at 5:45 am and I do not do well with it).

There are a number of reasons that early mornings can happen. Here is a link to a previous article I wrote that describes the most common causes of early morning wake-ups.

Early Mornings Wakings

If you feel like you have tried everything and your little one (or not so little one) is not sleeping in until your desired wake time..there is hope!!


Rouse to Sleep


Before we dive into this technique I do want to mention that there is a 50/50 chance you can wake your child before she is ready to be woken up. I have had success with this technique with a number of babies and toddlers.

So here is the technique…

You go into your child’s room about 5 minutes before she typically wakes up and then you gently stir her. You want her to move slightly and then you let her be. Then quickly move out of sight and then wait until babe has drifted back to sleep before leaving the room.

This sounds really simple and it can work. The point of this technique is to interrupt the last sleep cycle which helps your child start another sleep cycle which should be 60 minutes or more.

It can take at least a week of doing this technique before you see a major change.


All the best! Fingers crossed this helps with the early morning wakings 🙂