Transitions: Transitional Object

A transitional object can often help a child through the transitions process in a calm and timely manner. The video above describes a transitional object in more detail.

A transitional object is something that gives your child a sense of security when you are not able to be there. The best objects are lovies or something of yours that they know you love.

Some examples of effective transitional objects are as follows:

  • Stuffed animal
  • Blanket
  • A piece of your jewelry
  • Your scent
  • Business card
  • Key chain

Transitions: From One Child Care Setting to Another

Transitioning from one child care environment to another can be a difficult process. The video above will assist you in making sure this transition is as painless as possible. Below is a summary of the main points from the video…

For whatever reason, you’ve decided that it is time for your child to move from one setting to another.  How can you make this a smooth transition?

There are a few steps you can take to ensure that this transition has minimal bumps.


Step 1: Be prepared

The number one thing that I tell families they need to do is to know what that new environment is like. Get familiar with the schedule. Notice the centres that are available. Be able to describe the centre to your child. Be prepared with information about what activities the centre does and their routines.


Step 2: To prepare your child

Let your child know that they are moving from their current child care setting to another child care setting. Talk to your child in a fun manner about why they are moving. Find the positives of the move and stick to them. 

When talking about why they are moving child care settings you can say things like the following:

  • it’s going to be a bigger place
  • it’s a going to be a smaller place
  • it’s closer to your school
  • it’s helping you get ready for kindergarten


Step 3: Use visuals

Children thrive on visuals like pictures, calendars (countdown), or show them the building.


Step 4: Develop a transition plan

Most child care centres have a transition plan that they like to use. Find out what the centre’s plan is. You may have to advocate for more or less time depending on your families need.


Step 5: Transitional object

Let them bring something with them that will help your child feel better in their new environment. Having a picture of the family in their backpack may help.