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Please read the following information as it relates to your private information.


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Gathering of Information

Information gathered with your membership will not be shared with others unless there is a safety concern for you are your child(ren).

If there is a concern about your safety or the safety of another person or your child(ren) the authorities best suited to handle the situation will be contacted if needed.


Copying of Information

As stated in the Terms of Service, “The information available to PF Members is copyrighted and restricted to paying members. Please do not share the information with others. Please do not share your password and account information with others. It would be greatly appreciated if you would encourage your friends and family to become members as well.”

You are free to delete your account on the website at anytime. 

Once you delete your account information on Parenting Foundations website that action cannot be undone.

If you wish to continue to access information on the site a valid account is needed.