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Perfect Time to Sleep Train?

Before you even begin to look into sleep training, it is important that the 2 factors in this video are in place. This is also a good video if you are not sure if you even want to sleep train.

Sleep Foundations

The purpose of this course is to help you understand your child's sleep needs and the ways you can help enhance your child's sleep before you even start any formal sleep training.

Daytime Sleep DeMystified

This section will have links to information that will help you understand and improve your child's daytime sleep. How often should your child nap? What to do about short naps?

Waking at the Crack of Dawn?

Early morning wake up is a common annoyance for many parents. When your baby or child wakes up early, it can throw the rest of your daily schedule out of the window.

Sleep Tips for Travelling

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Recommended Hours of Sleep

Download this resource to get a good understanding of the recommended hours for sleep.

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Wake Times

This is a PDF of the recommended wake times for your child. The wake time is the time your child is able to be awake between periods of sleep. This is a guide.

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When should I drop a nap?

This is a PDF to help you identify when to drop a nap. This is also referred to as a Nap Transition.

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